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The food was excellent! The best panang I've had in the city so far. They should update the description though to indicate it comes with rice - I ordered a side of rice because it didn't say it was included. Other than that, great experience and very fast delivery. Will definitely order again!


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I've had this food in the restaurant and delivered; it's consistently delicious and hot (temperature-wise). If you order spicy items and enjoy spice, I would suggest asking for more pepper in your dish. And you're missing out if you don't try their mango sticky rice at least once in your life.


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I have had no problems with this restaurant and I absolutely love their food! A perfect amount of spice and seasoning, and they have always been very friendly the past 4 times I have ordered from here!


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Zero complaints - Order arrived 20 minute early. Delivery driver was super nice. Order was complete without errors. Food was hot and super delicious. Def would order again.


3 reviews
Always consistently great food and service. Last order I didn't get the sauce and they immediately delivered the missing item. This place has the best Thai food in Richmond!

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That easily the best Thai food I've eaten since I visited Thailand.

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